Emmy Award Winning Show Attends the Nation¹s Largest Anime/Manga Convention

The Emmy Award winning and popular stop-motion animation sketch comedy show, Robot Chicken, which airs on Cartoon Network¹s Adult Swim is slated to appear at this year¹s Anime Expo®
2008 held from July 3-6, 2008 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los
Angeles, CA. More information can be found on the website
<> .

Attending Anime Expo® 2008 via an official Robot Chicken panel will be cast
and crew members:
Cameron Baity
Cameron was born during a heat wave in Richardson, Texas. He has been
drawing and writing ever since he figured out how his hands work. At eight
years old he wrote and illustrated his first story about a confused wombat.
Cameron attended the Arts Magnet High School in Dallas where he co-produced
a half-witted cable access show called Fabrication Avenue. He won accolades
for his early art including First Place in Painting at the 1996 Visual Arts
Guild Exhibit in Dallas.

His obsessions with art and story collided when he discovered animation at
Pratt Institute and School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. He finished his
animation degree at CalArts and with a couple films under his belt, he has
screened at festivals around the world and won several awards including Best
in Animation at the Angelciti Film Festival and Vuze Audience Favorites at
Cinequest. Cameron has worked creatively in film and animation for the past
nine years on a wide array of projects such as Spongebob Squarepants,
Willard, Team America, and Robot Chicken. Cameron will sleep when he is

Mike Fasolo
Mike Fasolo is a Writer, Voice Actor and Co-Creative Director on Adult
Swim¹s Robot Chicken where he¹s been since its inception in 2004. He began
his illustrious writing career as a staff writer at Wizard Magazine back in
1994. He enjoys dog sledding, curling and Revolutionary War reenactments
where he always plays Benedict Arnold.

Chris McKay
Picking up a Super-8 camera at age 10, Chris McKay has been making movies
with toys for most of his life. In addition to his co-producing, directing
and editing duties on Adult Swim¹s Emmy Award-winning Robot Chicken, he is
also a writer, director and co-executive producer on Adult Swim’s Moral
Orel.  Robot Chicken is currently in production on its fourth season.

McKay studied Film at the “Harvard of the Midwest”: Columbia College. He was
once beaten up for wearing Luke Skywalker’s Tatooine outfit to school.

Jeanette Moffat
Jeanette Moffat has contributed to Robot Chicken from the first season as a
Puppet Fabricator, creating many memorable characters including “The Nerd &
Unicorn,” “Composite Santa” and “Twinkie the Kid & Celery,” to name few.
More recently she has been working as the Costume Designer and Supervisor
for Robot Chicken and Moral Orel.  Her talents in the visual arts became
apparent at an early age when she began designing clothes for her Barbie
dolls, which makes her current position a childhood dream come true. A
CalArts alumni, she combines her fine art background with her love of
puppets to create costumes for stop-motion and live-action puppets.  Besides
shows featured on Adult Swim, her puppet costumes have been seen on the My
Name Is Earl episode, “Robbed A Stoner Blind” and in Norwegian band Maika’s
music video for their song, “Desert Gold.”  She currently resides in Los
Angeles with her husband and two rabbits that eat their furniture.

Tom Root
Tom Root is co-head writer and co-producer of Adult Swim¹s Emmy
Award-winning Robot Chicken, as well as a frequent director and recurring
voice talent.  Robot Chicken is currently in production on its fourth

Root was also writer and associate producer on Robot Chicken’s predecessor,
Sweet J Presents, a series of 12 animated episodes which ran from 2001-2002
on Sony Entertainment’s

From 1997-2001, Root was a staff writer at Wizard Entertainment Group, where
he wrote for publications including Wizard: The Comics Magazine, ToyFare:
The Toy Magazine, InQuest Gamer, Anime Insider and Toy Wishes. ToyFare’s
³Twisted ToyFare Theatre² comic strip, which Root co-wrote for 90 issues,
has been collected into several trade paperbacks available worldwide.

As a freelance writer, Root has also authored PPV: Pay-Per-View, a
three-issue comic book mini-series for Antarctic Press. His first book,
Writers on Comics Scriptwriting 2, a collection of interviews with comic
creators he co-wrote with Andrew Kardon, was published by Titan Books in

Root holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Central Michigan

In addition, exclusive anime/manga related Robot Chicken skits will be
played along side other original Anime Expo® programming during the I-Show
at the convention and at official Anime Expo® 2008 convention hotels on the
official AX Dark Channels.


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