Exclusive Previews and Videos to Precede Online World Première of EGG MAN

Crunchyroll (, the leading destination for Asian content on the Internet, and T.O Entertainment, a leading Tokyo-based media production and literary management company, have entered into a strategic partnership to showcase the upcoming computer animated, EGG MAN on Crunchyroll’s service.

³By partnering with Crunchyroll in a controlled release, we will be able to build and then capitalize on the awareness of our content,² said Takeichi Honda, President & CEO of T.O Entertainment. ³We are looking forward to not just showcasing our film, but being able to be a part of the community and
provide them what they want.² In July, T.O Entertainment’s digital channel on Crunchyroll will début a
never before seen trailer for the upcoming EGG MAN film, a computer animated film based off of story in the book, ³ Monologues of Universal Transverse Mercator,² published by Kobunsha. During the rest of the Summer, T.O will continue to release clips, trailers, and behind the scenes footage, leading
up to the Fall where T.O will make the entirety of EGG MAN available outside of Japan on Crunchyroll along with exclusive merchandise just for Crunchyroll.

³Through close collaboration with T.O Entertainment, we will be able to support their content not just in video, but in the full spectrum of media,² said Vu Nguyen, co-founder of Crunchyroll. ³We are excited about being able to give the fans what they want.² Winner of the prestigious Japanese Konomys award for mystery literature, ³Monologues of Universal Transverse Mercator² is written by the critically-acclaimed Mr. Yumeaki Hirayama.



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