AX Keynote: The Future of SPJA

By Angie Quidim

The first official presentation kicking off the start of this year’s Anime Expo began with CEO, Trulee Karahashi’s, keynote presented at the Nokia theatre next to the Los Angeles Convention Center. 

Trulee explained the role of the SPJA and how it had come a long way from its humble beginnings of putting together a convention such as Anime Expo and the measures that were being taken to improve through the years.  Steps were taken to make sure that the registration complaints and the programming issues would not continue with future shows.  A training  course was issued for the board of directors and the convention staff to assure that the best processes would be practiced.  More marketing was done in Japan during the Tokyo Game Showand the Tokyo International Anime Festival to improve attendance.  An industry panel at the Tokyo International Anime Festival was presented to discuss the trends of Anime in Japan and how it affected the release of Anime in America. 

The SPJA has declared a mission to expand itself as a moderator between the Anime industry in Japan as well as the United States.  The organization would like to help the Japanese Anime and related Industries in the negotiation and licensing the latest shows and related products to distribute to  America.   The SPJA also seeks to unify and expand relations with fan groups and other anime organizations througout the US.


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