ADV Industry Panel

By Angie Quidim

An odd silence settled the room as ADV’s panel began.  People expected answers with the announcement of the dissovled partnership with Sojitz.  The room was filled to capacity with many eager fans waiting to hear the words of their favorite distribution company and their fate.  According to Anime News Network “Earlier in the morning, North American distributor Funimation announced through a press release that they had picked up 30 anime titles, all of which had been previous ADV titles. John Ledford acknowledged that their former business partner Sojitz had withdrawn their financial support and management, and several anime licenses.”

With this being said the panel had begun and inquiring minds wanted to know.  John Ledford started with a few pre-written statements; thanking the fans for their support and showing up to the panel.  He went on to state that it was ADV’s 16th year at AX and then let out the bad news.  “It’s no secret that it’s been a very bad year for ADV,” said Ledford.  Surprisingly he let fans know that another Japanese company had come and replaced Sojitz and they had already made preparaions to aquire 30 new titles.  No announcements were going to be made further regarding this until Otakon.  One of the ADV reps said “we’re waiting for the blood to dry.” before the new business partners can be revealed. 

When asked why the partnership with Sojitz dissolved, Greenfield said, “from the very beginning, it was difficult working in their world where everything is run by spreadsheets and so on,” and knew that, “this is simply not going to work out.”

Other things that were talked about was a live-action Evangelion  was still in the works, and that they had proposed the project to three studios. Weta is still on board to work on the movie.

ADV was pretty careful of what they were to say in the panel due to various negotiations and NDA’s.  I hope that all this hush hush comes out profitable for them as the studio literally is hemoraging dollars. 

No titles will be released on Blu Ray as of yet due to the non printing of Blu Ray in Japan.  If those titles were going to be printed on Blu Ray in America, they have to hit Japan first. 

The Manga division had no positive news as it was announced that there would be no new acquisitions next year and although the motivation to continue the current series is there, it was speculated that they may not be able to do so. 

After a short Q&A they rescreened Kiba from Thursday’s panel.


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