AX Day 2

So today was the second day of good ol’ AX, and was ALSO the first time I’ve ever cosplayed. I went as Hobo-Phoenix Wright (search google if you aren’t sure who that is) anyway, it was pretty fun. Not nearly as bad as I always thought that it would be. I was also able to meet a person I’ve been playing x-box live games with and chatting online with for a while now, so that was another plus. So anyway, today was panel day, the first panel I attended was the Aksys games panel. They showed trailer videos for Castle Shikigami 3 for the wii, Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles for the DS, Battle Fantasia for the 360, and of course Guilty Gear 2: Overture for the 360. After the videos they made a few announcements about first they talked about a survival horror game they are releasing for the DS, which I should written down since I can’t remember the name of it for the life of me, but it sounded interesting. Next up was another DS title called Kurukuru Princess which they said was similar to Elite Beat Agents, only for girls. They then talked about Battle Fantasia and accepted questions afterwards, the main question of the panel was if they would be porting it to PS3 or not, the panel never down right said no, but instead kept saying they were going to try and see what would happen. The next and last game topic was for Guilty Gear Overture, now I’ll admit I didn’t know much about the game, and I’m not the biggest fan when it comes to Guilty Gear, but this game looks really fun. The main questions were if other characters would be appearing in the game, to which the responce was yes, but not in name, if that makes sense. The next major question was if it would be ported to PS3 this time there was no dancing around it, they flat out said no, it was a 360 exclusive. They finished talking about it and said to make sure you pre-order it so that you can get special free downloadable content!

After that panel I went and hung out with other fellow cosplayers then made my way to the NIS America panel. They started it off by showing off Disgaea 3, tey explained that it will be for PS3 and is already insanely fun, and I believed them after watching the trailer. They had the panel members talk about themselves and what not, and answered a few questions, but in MY opinion the Disgaea part at the start was the first.

The next panel was for Mega64, holy crap it was funny. If you’ve never heard of them, search youtube or simply go to Basically they play games then make spoof videos of them, usually about one part of the game. It may sound kinda stupid, but it’s funny as hell in my opinion. So they started off with music and them running aroung dancing, afterwards they all sat down and between panting breathes started their intro video/trailer type thing. They then showed a few videos and opened the floor to questions, the fans are a little weird and teh Q&A was insane. I should have video taped the whole thing because I can’t put into words exactly what all happened. Some of the things were that they would stop everything to ridicule anyone who left, which was funny, and seemed to piss off a few of their fans which their answers, expecially toward the end. To end it all they offered everyone free jerky which ended in half the room storming the stage sending the panel running and screaming, after it calmed down they then signed stuff and let people get pictures with them. I will be visiting their booth and panel at Comic-con in San Diego at the end of the month for sure.

To end the day I sat through the Atlas panel, which was dedicated to Shin Megami Tensei. It wasn’t bad for the most part, they first listed all the games, and mention some of the spin offs. They then went into more detail with only the games that were released here in the states, they told some fun facts about each one that was interesting. They then got to the meat of the panel and showed a Persona 4 trailer and announced a North American release date of December 9th this year. That was enough to send fans into a frenzy of happiness and excitemenet, afterwards they took questions and ended it all by giving everyone who stayed a free Persona 4 t-shirt.

All in all it wasn’t a bad day at all, got to see some cool stuff and had a good time. Tomorrow marks the last day of it all and will hopefull be as entertaining as today.


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