AX 08 Day 3/Final Day

So today, was the last day of the adventure. Today my friend, my bro, and myself all went in our army camo. We decided that we would get some shopping done and somewhere along the way we decided that we would start to pretend we were in MGS, well my friend and I that is… my bro ended up watching the Lupin the 3rd movie: Castle Cagliostro. So it was going ok, one of us would sneak up on the other and either tell them to freeze, or throw them to he ground and shoot them with our air pistol. This went on for a while and was going well until I rounded a corner and there my friend was. I had my pistol. I screamed and jumped in time to see him rush me from the side, grab me, swing me, and then finish it with a knee to the side. This was instantly followed by screams of “STOP” and we got in trouble. So that ended the MGS for the day and we went and bought a few more things before leaving for the day. All in all it was a good AX and I can’t wait for Comic-Con in 2 weeks. 😀


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