Gears, Prinnies, and a couple of revisited Demons

Today went a whole lot better for me. I got a good night’s rest and was ready to tackle the day head on. Once we got passed the crowds and onto the main floor, it was time for some more exploring. In other words, it was time to head to every booth and figure out what I wanted to spend my money on. The one problem I always seem to have with conventions is that I want everything! Alas, I do not have the money for such expenditures. Oh well, at least the panels are free to attend.

I’m not exactly the biggest Guilty Gear fan and when I attended the Guilty Gear Pleasures panel I was made even less into a fan. APPARENTLY, the new games they got lined up are ALL for Xbox 360. That’s just bull! Why no love for the PS3 owners!? That’s ok though, cause NIS has got some awesome gaming coming out this year. Can you say Disgaea 3!? Whoooooooooooo! That got me all hyped up for the release and now I have to reserve it as soon as I get the chance. I thought I would end the day with on more announcement that would cheer me up, but Atlus just decided to suck hardcore. I went to their panel for Shin Megami Tensei and expected them to say something about a new game for the PS3. Instead all I got was a review of all the games in the series and the announcement of Persona 4 on December 9 . Umm, am I the only one that’s tired of Atlus whoring out these crappy Shin Megami games? Wait let me clarify. All the recent games coming out from Devil Summoner and up are crappy. I miss the older ones in the series, the new ones took a direction that I just can’t get into. All in all a good day filled with good information, even if the info is not what I want to hear. And thus I prepare myself for tomorrow which is the last day of the con. Unbelievable that the end is so near.


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