I <3 Mega64 Panel

Once again my favorite panel of this year was Mega64’s. I laughed so hard that I may have had to change my pants had they gotten any funnier. I love all of their material no matter how stupid or insignificant it turns out to be. The room they got this year was as big as a warehouse! And they got the attention they deserved. It was an impressive turn out to say the least and I tell you the only people crazier than these guys, are their fans. They’re easy to like though and the cool thing about them is that they’re just like any other person out there. When I spoke to Rocco (I was getting an autograph and gamertag for Metal Gear Online) it was like I had always been friends with him or something. One word to describe them…awesome.

They were available for questions and the fans got the answers they wanted to hear.  This creative group of gius started with just some videos on YouTube and then instant stardom.  Makes you wonder……


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