at Anime Expo!

by Angie Quidim was one of the many booths exhibiting at this year’s Anime Expo and got some of the attention.  The risque action/adventure hadrecently released its second webisode and has further plans to release many more.  The project is the brain child of creators Brad Strickman and Dylan Highsmith. 

Twinkle, one of the main characters from

Twinkle, one of the main characters from

 The duo with the overactive imagination sought to release a series with a unique look that would speak to the public with a new view of online entertainment.  “ emerged from a single concept…a televison show or movie created exclusively for the internet with the intent of being more than a show. aims to seta new standard of online entertainment; it aims to be an interactive  online experience.”  The creators have made the show interactive with its audience though many of the modern mediums ( Youtube, vlogs, blogs, Myspace, Facebook and other online means). breaks the wall and makes their characters’ stories and experiences accessible to their viewers so they can share in their larger than life world.  Much of the show’s story was inspired by comic books, anime, cartoons and videogames.   

The cast includes: Twinkle (April Billingsly), Tommy Dure (justin Alvarez), Skylar Brooks (Jill Smalley), Nikki Lyn (Fatima Hana), and Jon Weston (Ben Baur).  You can view the TME interview live at Anime Expo at our photo and videos page or view the latest webisode at .


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  1. Thanks for the writeup and interview!

    Check out the new official trailer at

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