The Testmarket Evolution is an organization dedicated to providing easy to read reviews on products and events related to the entertainment industry. We focus on new and innovative products that the average consumer may find at local retailers or e-commerce sites. Our target market is for the “average joe” families who tend to find most product specific sites distasteful or mature rated for their needs of pursuing information on items that their Families see. It also serves to bring different audiences together in one site that provides family friendly content where most genre specific sites fail.

Our editorial staff is dedicated to straightforward, insightful, and concise commentary without emphasis to exaggeration or cosmetic writing. Each member of our staff is first and foremost an avid enthusiast of his/her respective field not a professional writer hired by a corporation with no true knowledge of his/her subjects. The TME staff does not write articles for the primary purpose of providing advertising space.

TME is devoted to the entertainment experience the consumer is seeking on a day-to-day basis through the advertisement selection process. Our advertisements are relevant to the entertainment encounter. TME will only accept an advertiser that provides an entertainment industry product that is readily found at a local retailer or e-commerce site and is related to the entertainment encounter sought by the viewer.

TME always accepts requests and comments from our viewers. Please do not hesitate to convey your general comments to : mail@thetestmarketevolution.com.


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